Top 5 Holiday Destinations Every Nigerian Should Visit

Have you been thinking of where to travel to for your holiday? Its no news that Nigerians  love to travel. Nigerians also love to have fun. it is common to find Nigerians at the International Departures lounge heading off to different countries and locations to spend their holidays. Sometimes, Nigerians travel alone and sometimes with […]



Thinking of taking a trip? Planning a trip can be hell of a work and at the same time, it can also be loads and loads of fun if you get it right from the beginning. Most first time travelers have no idea what they are doing at first. If you fall into this category […]


How to make your travel experience memorable

Open Your Mind Be open to new cultures and different (sometimes better) ways of thinking. Your life has the potential to grow in unlimited ways just by being open to learning new things. If you find something confronting, or you don’t agree with, instead of being judgmental and hurtful simply say, “It’s not better or […]

Teximarco Travels

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