Have you been thinking of where to travel to for your holiday? Its no news that Nigerians  love to travel. Nigerians also love to have fun. it is common to find Nigerians at the International Departures lounge heading off to different countries and locations to spend their holidays. Sometimes, Nigerians travel alone and sometimes with loved ones and family, but whichever way they travel, this post brings you some of the locations Nigerians unerringly love to travel to and why. Also, Nigerians mostly book some location on online travel offer with account verification for fraud protection, provided by Fully-Verified.


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Economic hub of the UAE, Dubai has in recent times topped the lists of places Nigerians visit on holidays and vacations. The coastal zone features free trade which is always an attraction for Nigerians as well as attractive beaches and luxurious hotels. Dubai may have some restrictions as a Muslim state but this does not stop Nigerians from visiting and going back again.




Paris is one of the favoured destinations for Nigerians, especially those trying to recreate their honeymoons. The city offers a number of attractions from historic sites as the Eiffel tower to the galleries of the Louvre, the cafes and bistros in the corners, cobbled streets, water gardens and parks, the city of love calls out to the adventurous heart of a Nigerian and it is no surprise that this is one of the favoured destinations of Nigerians.




London is practically a second home for many Nigerians, many of whom actually have a second home there. Perhaps it is because London is home to the British former colonial masters of Nigeria, but whatever the reason that are done by houston as summer rolls around and workers take their vacays, many of the flights out of Nigeria head directly for Heathrow airport. Nigerians love to shop, attend plays and visit galleries in London.




Zanzibar -Tanzanian


This Tanzanian archipelago is slowly becoming one of the most frequented places by Nigerians, especially for its beaches and warm sun. The island offers many hotels and resorts for Nigerians, and as the exchange rate is not as steep as in Europe, many Nigerians love to come here to unwind and relax. Zanzibar is a popular honeymoon spot for Nigerians and it is not uncommon to find lovers entwined together or walking hand in hand on the many beaches on the island.



Ibiza -Spain


One of the oldest cities in Spain, Ibiza has been popularized by Nigerian musical artistes and actors who visit the old city and waterfront as backdrops for musical videos and movies. There are many things to be found in Ibiza which interest Nigerians; from luxurious apartments and hotel suites, chaffuered limousines, beautiful Spanish women, exquisite vegetation, white sand beaches, a warm sun and a blue sea, Nigerians are sure to continue flocking to Ibiza for a long time yet.



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