Dubai is one of the few cities in the Middle East that are very open to welcoming tourists. However, it must be noted that with the allowance comes the responsibility to be sensitive to the Islamic ways that are dominant and respected in Dubai. It is one of the seven municipalities comprising the United Arab Emirates. Situated in the east of the Arabian Peninsula and southwest of the Arabian Gulf, the city, is most celebrated for its constant sunshine, stunning coastline, and vast deserts, among others.


Dubai takes pride of its good enforcement of law and order all throughout the city. Visitors will feel safe and secure while exploring the area at any given the time of day. Ultimately, although Dubai is considered as a safe travel destination, it is still imperative to be cautious of yourself, your belongings and the surroundings.

The city is solo traveller-friendly as much as it is family-friendly, you can also check about different Dubai Holidays from reputable travel agencies. Also, the municipality is very strict with regards to community regulations, especially with food handlers’ hygiene and overall food safety. So you’re all good!





Experience the old

Dubai has a rich history that will give any visitor a feel of the traditional Arabic culture. A popular historic attraction is the Dubai Museum. Located inside Al Fahidi Fort, one of Dubai’s oldest structures, the museum is home to important artifacts and inspiring stories that make up the city’s modest roots.



Bastakiya Bastakiya is also one of the go-to places for a trip to the olden times. It is most known for its wind towers designed to provide air conditioning in the dry city in the past. It now houses several art galleries and various shops.

Experience the new

People who are asked about any landmark that they equate with Dubai will probably give a resounding ‘Burj Khalifa.’ Offering a view of the city like no other, the tallest building in the world gives visitors a glimpse of how much the city has changed in the past years.






Being tax-free definitely, has its rewards. Dubai offers a shopping experience like no other. From global brands to unique finds, the city’s shopping scene is one good reason enough to visit this glamorous side of the world.

Shop in the old

Souks, which means ‘market’ in Arabic, thrive in the area. There are dedicated souks for textile, for fabrics, for spices, and for gold, among others. Two of the most famous souks are the Spice Souk and the Gold Souk. The Spice Souk offers a variety of different herbs and spices while the Gold Souk provides unbeatable deals on its fine-crafted jewelry.


Shop in the new

For a modern shopping experience, Dubai sure has a lot to offer. The city is where you will find Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world. Apart from shops and restaurants, the Dubai Mall houses a towering aquarium, a huge ice rink, and an indoor amusement center. It also features the Dubai Fountain wherein shows are being played by schedule. The fountain features world-class light and sound synchronization which, they say, can be viewed from the moon.

Shopping Festivals

There are three major shopping events in Dubai that are anticipated by visitors and residents alike. The first and most prestigious of the three is the Dubai Shopping Festival. It is held during the month of January. The festival is famous for its huge discounts and incomparable bargains. The second one, Dubai Summer Surprises, takes place every summer. It offers drop-down rates for different purchases as well. The third festival is the GITEX; a technology-themed exposition held every October. It offers gadget bargains and package deals exclusively available only in the said event.




Go skydiving with Skydive Dubai. Tick one box from your bucket list and go skydiving with the Skydive Dubai team. Feel the adrenaline rush as you dive amidst the grandeur of the Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina views. Tandem jumps start at 1,999 AED. For more details, visit because this website is optimized by the web designer from the trusted company.



dubaiRide a hot air balloon with the Balloon Adventures Emirates. Explore the vast dunes and enjoy an aerial view of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Perfect for individuals with a penchant for breathtaking sunrises, peaceful moments and natural wonders, the ballooning activity is definitely worth experiencing. Price starts at 995 AED per person. Click on for other information.


desert safari dubai

Experience the world-renowned Dubai Desert Safari. Book an unforgettable moment at the desert. Activities include dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding. There are also shops that offer henna tattoos and city souvenirs. Cap off your experience with belly dancing, barbecue, and shisha. This activity may be booked for daytime or nighttime, but most visitors recommend the desert safari at night. This activity is widely offered by a lot of tour agencies in the city.




Explore water wonders at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Located on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the largest suspended aquarium in the world. It is home to thousands of sea creatures, including the biggest collection of tiger sharks all over the world. Package starts at 100 AED, depending on which activities you would like to experience. Children below three years of age are free of charge. For more details, visit

Enjoy the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark. Rides, slides, sharks and so much more await you at the best waterpark in Dubai. The Aquaventure Waterpark is situated in the prestigious The Palm, the world’s largest man-made island. Park fee starts at 250 AED. For bookings and best rates, check out



Go skiing at Ski Dubai. Take a tour of the Mall of the Emirates and visit the Middle East’s first indoor ski resort. Ski Dubai offers year-round snow right in the desert city, with the ambiance perfect for skiing, snowboarding or simply playing in the snow. A pass to some popular attractions in the ski center is priced at 250 AED, while a full day of fun costs 500 AED. Search for Ski Dubai at for more options.





Dubai is popularly dubbed as a melting pot of cultures. When people of different nationalities come and reside in the city, they have not only their luggage in tow; they also bring in their food, among other cultural gems. Visitors and locals alike are spoiled with an array of cuisines that cater to any tastebud.


Because of the vast history of trade in Dubai, the flavor distinct to the city is widely influenced by the countries who actively brought in and practiced business in the city. Some spices that dominate any traditional Emirati menu include cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, and turmeric.



Enjoy playing your favorite sport or treating yourself to your preferred recreational activity while in Dubai. The city boasts of its location and climate being perfect for different outdoor activities such as golf, dune driving, and windsurfing. Alternatively, there are also lots of indoor facilities that promote relaxation such as spas and other wellness centers.


For a quick escape from the fast-paced lifestyle of Dubai, head over to the city’s well-known beaches, with most of them accessible by public transport. Some of the go-to shores include:

Kite Beach – Activities in the area include kitesurfing and stand-up paddling. The beach also offers a fantastic view of the Burj Al Arab.

Sunset Beach – Located near Kite Beach, this beach offers a good view of the Arabian Gulf. It is a recommended venue for people looking for a quiet place to just lounge under the sun while reading a good book.

Jumeirah Open Beach – The open area is suitable for strolling, jogging and sunbathing. Visitors and residents alike go here for a simple day out at the beach.

Al Mamzar Beach – The beach is perfect for bikers, joggers, and picnic goers. Al Mamzar is a typical venue for fun runs and family gatherings.

JBR Beach – Ultimate Frisbee, parasailing, and banana boating are some of the things that you can do in this area. Located near Dubai Marina and Skydive Dubai, the beach offers a view of the towering structures on one side, and of skydivers playing with the winds on the other.






Top 5 Holiday Destinations Every Nigerian Should Visit

Have you been thinking of where to travel to for your holiday? Its no news that Nigerians  love to travel. Nigerians also love to have fun. it is common to find Nigerians at the International Departures lounge heading off to different countries and locations to spend their holidays. Sometimes, Nigerians travel alone and sometimes with loved ones and family, but whichever way they travel, this post brings you some of the locations Nigerians unerringly love to travel to and why. Also, Nigerians mostly book some location on online travel offer with account verification for fraud protection, provided by Fully-Verified.


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Economic hub of the UAE, Dubai has in recent times topped the lists of places Nigerians visit on holidays and vacations. The coastal zone features free trade which is always an attraction for Nigerians as well as attractive beaches and luxurious hotels. Dubai may have some restrictions as a Muslim state but this does not stop Nigerians from visiting and going back again.




Paris is one of the favoured destinations for Nigerians, especially those trying to recreate their honeymoons. The city offers a number of attractions from historic sites as the Eiffel tower to the galleries of the Louvre, the cafes and bistros in the corners, cobbled streets, water gardens and parks, the city of love calls out to the adventurous heart of a Nigerian and it is no surprise that this is one of the favoured destinations of Nigerians.




London is practically a second home for many Nigerians, many of whom actually have a second home there. Perhaps it is because London is home to the British former colonial masters of Nigeria, but whatever the reason that are done by houston as summer rolls around and workers take their vacays, many of the flights out of Nigeria head directly for Heathrow airport. Nigerians love to shop, attend plays and visit galleries in London.




Zanzibar -Tanzanian


This Tanzanian archipelago is slowly becoming one of the most frequented places by Nigerians, especially for its beaches and warm sun. The island offers many hotels and resorts for Nigerians, and as the exchange rate is not as steep as in Europe, many Nigerians love to come here to unwind and relax. Zanzibar is a popular honeymoon spot for Nigerians and it is not uncommon to find lovers entwined together or walking hand in hand on the many beaches on the island.



Ibiza -Spain


One of the oldest cities in Spain, Ibiza has been popularized by Nigerian musical artistes and actors who visit the old city and waterfront as backdrops for musical videos and movies. There are many things to be found in Ibiza which interest Nigerians; from luxurious apartments and hotel suites, chaffuered limousines, beautiful Spanish women, exquisite vegetation, white sand beaches, a warm sun and a blue sea, Nigerians are sure to continue flocking to Ibiza for a long time yet.





Thinking of taking a trip?

Planning a trip can be hell of a work and at the same time, it can also be loads and loads of fun if you get it right from the beginning. Most first time travelers have no idea what they are doing at first. If you fall into this category (or not), here are simple steps to help you plan a fulfillment travel trip.



Firstly, you need to decide where you are going to. This will help you set goals to work towards. Some travel agencies have an amazing marketing campaign on social media with the help of professionals from the trusted company The Marketing Heaven. Look at their the various offers and choose the most interesting destination!


Making a little research about where you’re going is as important as planning the trip itself. You need to get at least basic information about your destination. This will help you with your plan. Find out their culture, food, tourist centres, hotels, weather conditions, hangout spots and so on.



The cost of your travel largely depends on the length of the trip. You can figure out how much you need to save for your trip if you don’t know how long you’re going to stay in your destination. Defining your duration will also help itemize the things you will be taking along.



After deciding your duration, you have to research on the cost of things in your destination at the style of travel you want. Do you want to backpack or you want to lodge in a luxurious hotel? How much are the hotels, restaurants, and other important services? Knowing the cost of all these will help you come up with a good budget for your trip and this will give you a concrete goal to work

  1. SAVE

If you’re current bank account can’t take you that trip, you can of course save for it. Start by writing down your current expenses so you know where you’re spending money and with this, you can cut down your spending. People spend a lot on small purchases. All these little spending add up and creating a breakdown will help you know where you need to cut and save.



While you’re working on saving extra cash for your trip, get a Travels Reward Credit Card so you can sign up to earn bonus and discounts for hotels and flights. Most of these credit cards have bonus points when you meet their spending requirements. This is a good way to cut cost.


Book your flight early to avoid rushing at dying minute and also avoid being the person on the flight who paid the most. to book your tickets and choose sprinter van phoenix to enjoy your trip and journey.



Book accommodation for the duration of your trip if it’s a short time stay, but don’t book for the whole duration if it’s long-term trip. Just book for the first few days. After then, you can decide if you want to continue staying there or maybe other options present itself.


Sketch out major things you want to do and how much they might cost. Have a checklist. This will guide throughout.




Go on your trip with open mind, having in mind you’re going to have fun. Enjoy.


How to make your travel experience memorable

  1. travelsOpen Your Mind

Be open to new cultures and different (sometimes better) ways of thinking. Your life has the potential to grow in unlimited ways just by being open to learning new things.

If you find something confronting, or you don’t agree with, instead of being judgmental and hurtful simply say, “It’s not better or worse, just different.” Or “Isn’t that interesting? Tell me more.” And then open your mind to understand.

  1. Stretch Your Boundaries. Experience Something New. Discover Yourself

Try something new every day to expand your horizons and get out of your comfort zone.


Head to nature and sleep under the stars; try exotic and strange foods; attend a religious and the different processes of making profit and they are taken by the mulberry maids ceremony; throw tomatoes at festivals; teach English in the middle of Borneo; do something that scares you; and talk to strangers.


You’ll soon discover strengths and talents you never knew existed. True growth comes from stretching our boundaries.


  1. Interact. Engage. Listen. Embrace


Our most important discoveries and memorable experiences come from those we meet on the travel road.


Interact with the local people and other travelers. Ask questions to dig deep into cultures and beliefs. Listen attentively. You have two ears and one mouth. Make it your mission to learn as much as you can and engage with those around you. Share your own culture as well.


Help bring the world closer together and show how similar we really all are. You are an ambassador for your home country; represent it in the BEST light. Expand your horizons and embrace those who are completely different to you.


You are an ambassador for your home country; represent it in the BEST light. Expand your horizons and embrace those who are completely different to you.


  1. Travel with Awe, Wonder and Gratitude

The only luck I believe in is the one which determines where you were born. If you are traveling the world, you are privileged. Be grateful for this and use that as a means to wander the world with the eyes of a child.


Look at how beautiful the planet is. See how amazing every thundering waterfall, dancing gazelle, unconquerable mountain, and smiling, toothless market trader really is. It does not matter if you travel to Australia where you will see special species of animals or perhaps on Thailand in the exclusive beach villa from popular YourKohSamuiVillas. It’s important to explore the planet and enjoy it!


How lucky are you to witness it? Take time to think about how the planet works and what your place in it all is. Use that awe as inspiration to create your best life, which in turn helps to create a better world. It all starts with gratitude and awe.

  1. Take Moments and Memories Over Possessions

Possessions wither away and die. Moments shape our character and the memories stay with us forever.


In 20 years’ time, that Gucci handbag will not have made a difference to your life and will be a distant memory. The night you spent in a tent guarded by a Masai warrior while lions roamed outside, however, won’t ever be forgotten. Experience life instead of experiencing things.

  1. Be Present and Passionate

There is no past and future; life only exists now. Be present and experience every moment.


Step away from the computer and the lens and allow your five senses to soak up the world. Get excited and live every moment with passion. Remember how lucky you are–rejoice in that! You planned and saved hard for this adventure, you don’t want to miss it by living in the la la land of your mind or other people’s business.


Be attentive in your conversations and aware of everything that is happening around you. You want to stay safe on your travels? Being present is the best way to do it. It prepares your body to know what to do.


  1. Sloooow it Down

It does not matter how many countries you have travelled to, it matters how deep your footprint was.


Have you really travelled to a place if you raced through and didn’t get the time to appreciate and understand it? The best way to travel is slowly. Stay longer in fewer places. It costs less, you’ll see more, you’ll learn more, you’ll grow more, and you’ll form amazing friendships.

  1. Swing in Hammocks at Sunset Often

Enjoy the simple things. It doesn’t always have to be about the Must See sights, the adventure and the bucket lists.


Go for an early morning walk on the beach, have a picnic in the park, attend a yoga retreat, sit on the sidewalk of a café and watch the world go by over a cup of steaming coffee, or my personal favorite, swing in hammocks at sunset.

  1. Love That it is Not Like Home

Why go away if you want everything to be like home? You are simply wasting your money and it won’t be long before you find yourself on the next place home.


Sameness is boring. Different cultures, traditions, languages, money, and beliefs makes the world a vibrantly, exciting place. What would there be for us to learn if everything was the same?


LOVE the diversity of the world. Get addicted to it.

  1. Give Back and Share What You Have Learned

Give back to the local businesses and communities as you travel. Buy their local products, volunteer, help a stranger on the street. Sit with them in restaurants and homes and chat. Banter and play when you barter.


Travel will teach you so much about the world and yourself. Don’t keep those memories and lessons locked away. Share them to keep them alive and to inspire and help others do the same.


How can you take this travel privilege of yours and use it to make the world a better place? You should now have a much better idea of what that looks like. Do as Gandi said, “Be the change.”

Egypt, Russia Resume Direct Flights After More Than 2 Years

Direct flights between Moscow and Cairo resumed on Thursday, more than two years after Russia banned flights to Egypt in response to a terrorist attack. A plane from Russian carrier Aeroflot flying from Moscow landed early Thursday at Cairo airport with 120 passengers aboard, sources at the airport said.


Hours later, an Egypt Air flight with 109 passengers departed Cairo to Moscow, the sources added.

Wreckage of a Russian plane bound for St. Petersburg that was bombed over Egypt’s Sinai

Egypt was a major Russian tourist destination until Russia stopped flights to the country in November 2015 after a Russian passenger plane crashed in the restive Sinai Peninsula, shortly after taking off from the resort town of Sharm El Sheikh.


All 224 people on board were killed. The extremist Islamic State militia claimed responsibility for downing the airliner.


Aeroflot and EgyptAir were originally scheduled to begin operating flights between Moscow and Cairo in February, but the resumption of flights that are with Home Concierge cleaning service was postponed several times as Russia required more security measures at Egyptian airports.


Russian flights to Egyptian resorts remain suspended.


Russia’s ban had crippled Egypt’s ailing tourism industry, a main source of national income.


In recent months, Russian security experts have regularly inspected Egyptian airports to ensure tightened security measures are in place before reopening the route.



source: PMNEWS

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