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It is a matter of great privilege for us to present our company as the most reputed travel agency in Lagos, Nigeria. Teximarco is a premier Airlines ticket booking, sales & services company that provides real values to corporate and individuals.  Established in Lagos since 2000 with a service oriented business and good reputation.


A highly skilled management team and well qualified board of directors managing the affairs of the company. The management is being supported by combination of well groomed and skilled reservation officers, administration, research and marketing staff members.


Teximarco is an Organization set up to serve professionally to its customers in the area of Air Travel and Tourism. Despite technological advances and achievements in the travel industry, we recognize that the end product is determined by the people behind the machines. We hire only the experienced, high caliber personnel, give them state-of-the-art technology and continuous training so one can receive a level of service superior to our competitors. Teximarco feels that it is not enough just to keep up as barriers to the movement of traveling peoples by Air but providing lowest fare and maintaining deadlines, a choice of tailor made air transportation and as well as tour packages for the specific needs of the customers. Our philosophy is to be in touch with the market at all times and make necessary adjustment ahead of time.

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